Research Study: Stress, Aging, and Emotions (SAGE) Study at UCSF

Our study examines how parenting a child on the autism spectrum affects a woman’s health. We are examining how emotional well-being is related to immune cell aging. To see how mood and behavior affects cell aging over time, we will be taking blood samples and asking questions about your feelings and behaviors every six months for two years.

You will find out key measures of your own health, including resting energy expenditure, fasting blood glucose, insulin sensitivity, lean body mass, percent body fat and sleep quality. And we will reimburse you up to $450 for your time and cover parking and childcare expenses.

Participants must be non-smoking women between 20 and 50, with a child on the autism spectrum between 2 and 12. To find out if you qualify, call 415.476.7634 or send us an email at