Let your voice be heard: Golden Gate Regional Center out of compliance

Help GGRC Address Coordinator-to-Consumer Ratios Golden Gate Regional Center will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, to inform the community that Golden Gate Regional Center is out of compliance with Welfare and Institutions Code 4640.6.(c) “service coordinator-to-consumer ratios” and to seek public input to develop a plan of action. This meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. and will be held at: Golden Gate Regional Center 3130 LaSelva Street Ground Floor Conference Room San Mateo, CA 94403

What’s your opinion about the Rewrite of DSM-IV?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is currently being updated by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The DSM contains descriptions, symptoms, and other criteria for diagnosing mental disorders.

Some people are concerned about the proposed criteria for autism spectrum disorders in the new edition, called DSM-5, set to be published next spring. Others  are concerned that the term dyslexia has been omitted from the revision,  and that dyslexia no longer has a diagnostic code of its own. Are you?

If so, you can let the APA know what you think before June 15. Here’s how:

  • To begin, you have to register.
  • Once you have filled out the form, the APA will send you a temporary password so you can log in.
  • Then you must go to the specific section that you would like to comment on (in this case, the ASD section), where you see a summary of the changes. If you have logged in, a box at the bottom of the web page is provided for you to submit comments.
  • Some have reported difficulty getting their comments in that field to be saved. If this is the case, submit your comments to the APA via email.

Many organizations have opinions about the changes, including the Autism Society, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, GRASPand the International Dyslexia Association. Click on their sites to see their recommendations.