Schools’ New Mental Health Role

DRC Logo From Disability Rights California: For many years, California has provided school-related mental health services to special education students through county mental health agencies. This program is known as AB 3632 services, or in some counties, Chapter 26.5 or AB 2726 services. Last week, California passed a law that returns legal responsibility to school districts for providing school related mental health services to special education students. This does not change your children’s right to receive mental health services that they need to benefit from education.

The change in this law means that your school district will now be responsible for all of the services that used to be provided jointly by your school and your county department of mental health. School districts are receiving millions of dollars from the federal and state governments to provide these services to your children. The program for providing mental health services has NOT ended. Some school districts may enter into agreement with a county, so that the county mental health agency will continue to provide the services. Other school districts will provide the mental health services directly or contract with another agency to provide the service. Article continues here.



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