California Budget Crisis

Matrix is providing families with information on the current budget crisis that will affect the special needs community so that they may learn how to get involved and give valuable input.

State Budget: DDS Changes to Services for Infants and Toddlers (yet again) | The State has changed the services available for infants and toddlers at risk for developmental delays. This change follows on the heels of the change made in 2010 which created a Prevention Program for these children. Now, effective July 2011, children at risk for a developmental disability who are not eligible for the Early Start Program will be served through Prevention Resource and Referral Services (PRRS). The Family Resource Centers of California will provide PRRS, which consists of referrals to community resources and support for parents to monitor their children’s development. Matrix is the Farmily Resource Center serving Marin, Solano, and Sonoma counties. For more information, visit the DDS website.

Historic Cuts: California budget reduces Regional Center services to people with disabilities | During 2009, many changes were made to the law that directs how services can be delivered by the regional centers for people with developmental disabilities. For families with children of any age and for adults who receive these services, it is important to know what the changes are and what rights you have. Disability Rights California has 28 Fact Sheets in seven languages describing these service reductions and the protections that are available. These are available at

Getting Involved Want to stay up to speed on current budget news? You can receive up to date information from The California Budget Project at Their website is very informative and there are updates on the budget cuts to all human and social services and education areas (SSI, Medi-Cal, CALWorks, IHSS, education, etc.) You also can receive weekly updates from The Arc of California as well as information on disability services updates from For educational updates you can check the website for the California Department of Education Newsroom and Hot Topics at



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